Eco-Soap Bank


The center has now joined forces with the Eco-Soap Bank. The idea behind the project is a simple one, in a country where poor sanitation is a leading factor in child illness and death, access to soap and knowledge about hygiene is crucial.

Eco-Soap Bank saw a way to increase this access by collecting all the old unwanted soaps from the many hotels in Cambodia (which otherwise would often end up in landfill), sanitising and reprocessing them, and then distributing them for free into the poorer areas of the community along with healthcare lessons.

The project has been a success in Siem Reap and Phnom Penh so we are hoping to follow suit. We have a team of women (all of who are relatives of our students) from underprivileged backgrounds now working on the project, earning themselves a much needed income.

It is a slow process of getting more and more hotels on board. Presently the women only work a few hours a week, producing enough soap for our area. Once the quantities collected go up and we can produce more, we will utilise our local NGO partners to distribute the soaps more widely across the province into the areas which really need it.

It is a fantastic project and we are very thankful to be a part of it!





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School Olympics


Every Friday after English classes we have School Olympics. Every student is assigned a team (led by one of the teachers), we make sure the teams are an equal mix of ages. They stay in these teems for the next month of Fridays and compete in various sporting challenges, from relay races of all kinds, team tournaments of football or dodge-ball, to funny party games. Each week scores are recorded and the team with the highest number of points at the end of the month are the winners. They then get to go on a trip out as a reward. We have been to places like Molly golf Mini-golf (who very kindly let us play for free), to swim at the waterfalls, and to the cinema, so lots of fun!

It is a lovely thing to do on a Friday (although sometimes tiring!!) and a great way to make sure all the students mix and get to know each other, rather than staying in their set classes. It is also encouraging some of our less diligent students to make sure they attend. So far so good!

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Weekly Group Projects

Once a week we get our children to do group projects. These cover a range of subjects including science, geography, history and human interest. For example some of our recent topics included coming up with new inventions and making adverts for them, exploring and  mapping our local area, carrying out surveys of the other students (favourite food/subject/colour etc) and making bar charts, making up plays about good and bad ways to behave in certain situations and inventing new superheros.

We introduce the topic in one large group and explain the aims/discuss ideas. Children are then divided up into groups and have an allotted time to complete the task (with help/guidance from the teachers), before returning to the larger group and presenting what they have done to the rest of the children and staff. This is sometime just done over one session, or for bigger topics, can span a few weeks. This means they are not only learning about the specific subjects we cover, but also how to be confident in presenting their ideas to others. It has been lovely so far and the children are really taking to it. Any suggestions for projects are welcome!



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Recycled Flowers

For the last month we have been rejoined at the center by Julian (who last year ran a recycled plastic, kite making project), who has been back teaching our students again. (Photos our courtesy of him at blueskytravel).

His project has moved on to creating flowers from waste plastics, for decoration, or to add to shoes/hair ties. The process begins with a discussion on the environment, then over a few sessions collecting and cleaning discarded plastic bags from our local area, making these into flowers (different sizes, colours etc), and finally re-discussing environment issues to see what the children have learned.

The main aim is to teach children about the  importance of the environment and our impact on it through fun activities. The children really engaged in the project and have learned some valuable lessons about caring for the environment and re-purposing things which do not need to be waste.


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Speaking Class


We run regular English speaking classes based on pronunciation and sound/word recognition. Our aim is to allow the children to communicate, even if in broken sentences. This plays on the way children learn best. Our first topics to cover include introductions, colours and objects, family, the body, weather, feelings, shopping, school and time. We will gradually build up to do more and more. We are lucky to have enough teachers (sometimes English sometimes Khmer) to run the classes in small groups to make sure the kids get the best possible experience.



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A Bit of Decoration

We have been steadily brightening up the place with lots of new art. The children have tried their hands at murals, “stained glass” (with plastic and tissue paper), collarge, paper mache and painting. It’s great to let the children put their own mark on the center so they can really feel a part of it.

IMG_5044 IMG_5064 IMG_5081 IMG_5082

There was obviously some stray paintbrushes and glue spots as unseen little ones had their turn too, but nothing that a good wash couldn’t fix. It is always very good, messy fun to do art. The children love a chance to express their creativity.

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The students always love to try their hand at something new, so it was great to have some friends of the centre in to run a few science experiments. The children do not get that mush exposure to science, so it is great to teach them something different. We ran all sorts of experiments including floating eggs, holes in balloons and of course vinegar rockets!

IMG_4597 IMG_4608 IMG_4609 IMG_4615 IMG_4616 IMG_4618 IMG_4643 IMG_4755

Allowing the students to learn through doing is so important, so we made sure everyone got to join in and had a lot of fun doing so. We are looking forward to the next lessons!


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