Dentist Visit

M’lop Tapang had their volunteer dentists into clinic this week and invited us to attend. We took along 34 of our students for a thorough check up. Our fabulous member of staff Kolab supervised the visit and the children were all very well behaved (if a little nervous!).

IMG_2297 IMG_2298 IMG_2305 IMG_2306

Many of our children have problems with there teeth so it was great to get so many of them in and seen. As ever a big thanks to M’lop Tapang for their fantastic work and all their support.

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And so it Begins…

The build has begun, or at least the demolition has! With the old building now nearly completely gone. The builders have been making good time to have the site ready for the arrival of the Orkidstudio team at the end of the month (you can also follow their blog of the build).


Off came the roof


The walls


The support columns


The floor

All the students have been relocated to a temporary building about 500 meters from the original. It is a little squashed, but allows us to continue all our lessons and activities during the 3 months build. The children don’t seem to mind at all and are all very excited to see the build begin.



IMG_2311 IMG_2313 IMG_2317 IMG_2319

Now we need to keep our fingers crossed for a kind rainy season and a successful build!

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Planning a Rebuild

It is an exciting time for the Goodwill Center at the moment. In July and August we will be undergoing a rebuild courtesy¬†of Orkidstudio. The planning process is well underway and this week we have been joined at the center by one of the trustees of Orkistudio and some architecture students. They are here to work with the children and wider community to get a good idea of what is important to them in a building, what they look for and what they like/don’t like. The idea is to create a new space which the community can really feel a part of and be proud of.

The students have used a variety of techniques to draw out ideas from the children and get them to really express themselves. The week has been a lot of fun and we cant wait for the building work to begin.

The first stage is demolition (we will be moving to a temporary building near by to continue running the center during the build) which will start on the 3rd of June. It’s not far away so for the next few weeks it is all hands on deck while we get organised. Then the rebuild will start at the end of June and be completed (all things going well) by the end of August.


Front view of existing center.



Floor plan of existing center.



Side view of the new build.


First floor lay out.


Ground floor layout.

The 3 main ideas behind the build are to 1, provide us with more teaching space so we can increase the number of students. 2 to increase the area outside to allow more space for the children to play safely. 3 to reduce the heat of the building making it a more comfortable environment in which to learn. The build will employ a local team, some skilled, some unskilled, to work side by side with the Orkidstudio team, in the aim to learn from one another and pass on new and valuable skills.

We cant wait!

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Khmer New Year Party!


Khmer New Year is a very important time here in Cambodia. Many of our children travel to visit family, or likewise have family come to visit them. It is a time to be with loved ones and celebrate the year that has passed and the year to come. People make offerings of fruit and drinks to Buddha at which they must pray everyday for 3 days to bring luck and happiness to the family. They will also normally (obviously not everyone is Buddhist or follows the traditions) visit one of the pagodas, to pray to the ancestors of the family.


Sack Races


Balloon Races




Pot Breaking


Fruit Feasting

Every year to mark it the Goodwill Center has a party, and this year was no exception. We played lots of games and had lots of dancing topped off by a feast of fruit at the end. As a change to our usual leaders of ceremonies, our newest member of staff, Srey Touch, also took a turn at being on the microphone and was fantastic at it. All the children had a really good time and the staff went off happy and excited for their week off!


Game Playing


Tug of War

IMG_1820 IMG_1837 IMG_1843 IMG_1866 IMG_1877 IMG_1879

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Parade Time!


It was this years M’lop Tapang Carnival yesterday so we painted our faces and joined the parade. This year the idea was to promote womans rights and road safety, so messages were played out across loud speakers and children dressed as ghosts weaved in and out the crowd. We all had signs bearing messages of safety and respect. There were lots of people out watching so hopefully the message will have sunk in for some.

IMG_1532 IMG_1533 IMG_1539 IMG_1546 IMG_1563 IMG_1564


10921954_772205189540289_1121253204_n 10922081_772205179540290_978377575_n 11042271_772205182873623_841839116_n 11047132_772205172873624_1219093461_n 11051585_772205186206956_1608880089_n 11063053_772205176206957_1268199717_n

Once again our students behaved themselves really well and had a lot of fun. It is always nice to get together with other charities here and show a united front, especially in a country where there is such a lot of problems with false ¬†organisations. It is always a special occasion and we give our thanks to M’lop Tapang for going through all the trouble of organizing it.



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Whitgift School Fundraiser


The Goodwill Center owes the teachers, parents and especially the pupils of Whitgift School a huge thank you! They took on our center as a focus cause for their fundraising efforts (along with the Tapologo and Tsholofelo projects who work with victims of HIV and AIDS in South Africa).

The entire school was involved (organisation being mainly carried out by the sixth-form committee) in planning events and taking part. There was a huge range of activities including cake sales, adventure races, comedy nights, talent shows (with fantastic dance performances), science challenges, make your own Robot Wars and quizzes. All of the students worked incredibly hard to bring it all together and raised, for our center alone, over five thousand pounds.

cake pic for RNLI

Delicious cakes


The students made their own robots to battle!


This money is such a huge help to us and will secure our evening English and Computer classes for over 2 years. These are such an important aspect of our center, providing quality education to over eighty students. Having good English and Computer skills go a very long way in helping our children/young adults advance through school and secure places at either university or in good jobs. Nearly all of our students, coming from very poor backgrounds, would be unable to study in private schools (where fees are paid) so the provision of these classes really is invaluable.

11020453_391966304309406_484095557_n 11023032_391966547642715_2034286568_n 11039776_391965737642796_1509218392_n 11040788_391967187642651_1560097668_n 11047145_391968660975837_1929750172_n

Thank you so much again Whitgift, it means the world to us!

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A Kite Flying Experiance

Thank you so much to Julian for all his hard work!

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