A new chapter

10 Jun

Good bye Sabine…

After a wonderful four years, Sabine (the Centers Operations’ Manager) has decided it is time to move on and pursue other goals in her life.  She has made an incredible contribution ot the Goodwill Center as well as helped the peoples and children of Cambodia enormously , I am humbled to be able to tread in her footsteps and  continue her good work.   To paraphrase Sir Issac Newton;what little I may achieve, will only be because I can stand on the shoulders of giants who have come before me.

Hello Toni…

My name is Toni Kearney,

Me, getting ready to go to my first Cambodian wedding

I am from Australia and visited Cambodia in early 2011.  When visiting, I fell in love with the country and it’s peoples.  While I was here I was inspired by my friends Catherine and Steve, who spent time volunteering in the Ukriane and I “hatched a plan” to go back to Australia, raise funds in my small local community and come back to help Cambodia where I could.  Those interested in the backstory can find more information in my blog here  I returned to Cambodia in early 2012, having raised money in Australia, with the intent of using those funds to help out.  It was important to me that all of the funds raised were to be used to help, the costs of living and travelling were from my own savings.  While helping a variety of small charities I serendipitously came across the Goodwill Centre and saw the wonderful work they were doing, I spent some time volunteering there, as well as donating a portion of the funds raised back in Australia to the Center.  During that time, I discovered Sabine was in the process of leaving and the Center had recruited a new Operations Manager to replace her, that new recruit eventually decided not to take the position and Sabine wondered if I might like to take it up.  While it was outside of the scope of my original plan, I seized the opportunity to become involved. I hope to continue Sabine’s good work and forge my own path to helping the Goodwill Center prosper into the future.

Oral Hygiene

Toothbrush training

Some of the small tasks we Westener’s take for granted are things like an understanding of oral hygiene.  The local families surrounding the centre are of course incredibly poor, no one purchases toothbrushes or toothpaste, so we do it for the children (using funds raised from the generous donors of course, if you wish to donate, follow the links here), giving them a toothbrush that they take home each week,the Khmer staff ensure they understand oral hygiene and the necessity of brushing your teeth. I plan to make some minor changes to the blog and it’s layout, nothing revolutionary,  just evolving from the wonderful start Sabine has given it.

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