Fund Raising – Chilli cookoff !

24 Jun

Chill Cook Off

Chilli cook-off on Facebook

One of the local businesses, Charlie Harper’s Bar organised a Chilli Cookoff, with the funds raised going to The Goodwill Center.

Judges after too many taste tests

Tony, the owner, has also allowed us to put a donation box in the Bar area of his Hotel.  A huge thank you to Tony and Charlie Harpers Bar.

The idea is that all entrants cook the same dish, in this case Chilli Con Carne and the the judges selected the best dish that met a certain number of criteria; flavour, texture, smell etc  The day was mostly about a bit of fun for local expats in the rainy season, with the outcome being, some money raised for the Center.  The event also presented an excellent opportunity to network with many local expats all gathered at one time.  It was a great night but I have to report, my chilli was judged way too mild, not enough fire, here is Casey, one of the judges and the Owner of Maybe Later Restaurant & Bar indicating where I came on the list

This is where Toni came !

We had a temporary donation box for the competition and managed to raise $156 for the Centre, thanks to everyone that helped out.

Temporary donation box

The Center

Sokheang – Evening English Classes

We’ve been busy as always with the kids. English classes and computer classes in the evening being continually interrupted by power outages but the kids still have a great time during the day when they’re not at state school (which is only for a couple hours a day), with a safe place to stay.

Kids playing games

Staff information page

We’ve added a new page to our blog which contains pics and a short bio about each staff member.

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