Where do we fit into the public school system

01 Jul

How do we fit into the local state schooling system

The children attend the public state school from 7am-11am OR 1pm-5pm until grade 7 , yes that’s a whole 4 hours a day and is why the Center is very important for the younger children in the village. We provide extra daily Khmer, English and computer lessons. Being at the center under the care of the Khmer staff gives them a safe place to go when their parents are out trying to earn a meagre income, while teaching the children valuable motor skills through exercise, ball games and dance.  We are also investigating if we can afford to add another evening English class for the younger children as the current classes are for children and adults with more advanced English.

After Grade 7 they do 7 – 11am and then 1 -5pm, that is, they attend both classes

Of course we also provide education to the older teenagers and Adults around the center, computer and English classes primarily.

It’s all voluntary and often the Children have to work to help their parents earn a living but we get new young children attending from time to time, which is encouraging.  We always make sure we visit the families of new Children, along with an interpreter to make sure they know what is happening.


Being stymied for funds and access to materials often forces you to experiment with different sorts of education, we thought this TED talk had a powerful message

We are of course really aware of the lack of Internet Connection at the Center (aside from the single cellular connection on the office Computer, other wise we wouldn’t even have this)  but even more fundamentally, we lack access to reliable power.  For instance, the power was off to the area for 12 hours yesterday, 6 the day before, 8 hours the day before that… you can see the pattern and those who have been a long time in Sihanoukville say they have never seen the power outages so bad and this has been going on for months so far, with no end in sight.  It would appear the Town is growing faster then the planned power upgrades which will come, some day, maybe… So before we can even consider adding Internet to the Centers computers (3/4 of the time we need to cancel computer classes because of a lack of power) we need to think about power reliability and and what to do, of course a solar system with batteries would be great but also very costly and well outside our budget.

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