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01 Aug

EV-71 Virus Update

We reopened officially on 30 July after being closed due to the EV-71 virus scare.  It’s been quite tumultuous with some acrimonious press stating the closures did more harm then good, due to the scare the communities faced.  Still, the death of young children is something to be sad about.  A New Khmer TV campaign will be aired in an attempt to educate locals.  Not sure of it’s effectiveness (most don’t own a TV but they are in all the local Khmer eateries where locals often congregate to watch)  but a start.  It was particularly difficult to get up-to-date information, as the Minstry of Education never published anything officially on their website, their Facebook account or there twitter account.  The only real upside was we managed to give the Center a good cleaning!

More News articles can be found at the links below

Daytime English Classes

The new English classes have started,  Sambath is a popular teacher with the students and the classes are well attended.  HtCC and Help Cambodia have committed to a years worth of funding at least.

New Daytime English Classes

Psst! Wanna buy an “E” ?

Lee Verlander from Monkey Replubic, one of our local business sponsors, raised his hand and donated the 60 school books and associated stationery we needed for the kids, so a huge thanks to Lee.

Art and Craft

Art and Craft are always popular with the children and always well attended.  We make use of whatever materials we can get our hands on.

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Newspaper Cubbyhouse !

As in this case, donated old newspapers become a building !

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