Children at Play

13 Aug

The focus as always of the centre is on the children

The arts and crafts have been coming along, we found a recipe for home made play dough, using flour and food colouring.  The children were very creative

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educational games, this is a favourite for learning numbers.  The teacher calls out the numbers in Khmer, the children run up and collect the numbers (in “English”) from the stack and then run back and put hem in order on the stools.  Great fun, good exercise and educational !

One of the confronting parts of working at the centre is the poverty that leads to the inability of the parents not being able to afford medical care for the children.  Recently we had a mother with a baby that had been badly burnt from boiling liquid spilling from an over turned pot.  HTCC came through and paid the medical bills.  The child would have been badly scared for life otherwise and it is quite confronting to have a baby so small held up in front of you in such pain.

On the up side, she is healing nicely and even start to smile again

You can see the pot that spilled to on the right hand side of the door way.  This is the house for the family.

Families House

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