USNS Mercy and Twitter

19 Aug

USNS Mercy

After a disappointing no show for the USNS Mercy concert at M’lop Tapang, we were thrilled to be contacted to visit the ship itself.  Thanks to Casey from “Maybe Later Bar” and Lt Colonel Kristin Means of the USNS Mercy.  We could only take a limited number, so all the staff and several of the children went.  It was a wonderful experience for those from the Centre that could attend. We put together a little video of the event here

The staff from the ship are off doing great work all over Cambodia.  If you are interested you can follow them on twitter @PacificPartner


Speaking of twitter, we have added a twitter account as an experiment.  You can follow us @GWC_KOS For those of you wondering,  KOS is the three letter international acronym for Sihanoukville (or Kampong Som as it’s known to the local Khmer people).  You can also see we have embedded our twitter feed into the right hand side of the blog.

Mechanics Class

This is like one giant big “How stuff works” course.  It shows the children how many of the things we take for granted in modern life work.  You have to remember most of them have no electricity at home, so to them it seems almost miraculous.  Last week we showed them a toaster, mine and one donated from a local business.  of course, the best part was the toast… they loved it !

Mmmmm toast and JAM !!!

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