Encouraging School

20 Sep

One of the projects I have been working towards for a few weeks is getting more of the poorest children to go to school. I has been working with Kolab, one of the Staff at the Goodwill Centre to help identify some of the poorest children in the village and using the funds from my organisation Help Cambodia. These are often the ones who have everything against them, losing one or both parents is typically the major contributor. The Goodwill Centre does a superb job of providing care for children in the community and access to materials and facilities they would never see elsewhere and access to free English language and Computer classes for anyone in the village who wants to improve themselves, the children still need to go to Khmer public school. Funds are however always limited, no matter how much Help The Cambodian Children raise, projects  that can be funded are a near bottomless pit.   One of the requirements to go to public state school is they must wear a school uniform. Some have no chance of affording that, so we identified six “at risk” children in the community who have stopped going because of that reason and went on a small shopping trip to provide them with a two uniforms, a backpack and minor supplies like pencils, pads etc.  A wonderful synergy between the The Goodwill Center, the local community and Help Cambodia.  The children are in the village, use the Center and can be monitored to make sure they attend and supplied with additional resources if necessary.

Kolab with the kids at the local Phsar (market)

In the “change room”, measuring up

Everyone into the Tuk Tuk to go back to the Goodwill Center

Back at the Goodwill Center for the obligatory group shot

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