The Wedding

12 Nov

It was a milestone in the life of one of our teachers, Ney, when she got married last week. She is a very well respected member of the community here so her wedding was a big deal. The ceremony surrounding Cambodian weddings can last several days (with different blessings and visits to relatives) with guests invited to share the most important day.

We began just before 7am with a procession through the streets up to Neys house. We walked in pairs carrying offerings of food and drinks. On reaching the house you are greeted to blaring Cambodian music and a sit down breakfast of soup and fruit, which took place in a markee outside the house. In the downstairs room the bride and groom sit with their families, again carrying out blessings of good luck.

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The bride then gets a few hours off before the evening celebrations begin. These were at a venue downtown, where you are plied with courses upon courses of delicious food and beer. The bride and groom do their walk down the isle (being covered in confetti and silly string) to a table covered with fruit. They then feed a piece to each of their parents and then to each other. This is followed by the kiss, which marks the beginning of the dancing and the start of the real fun!

It was great to have an evening out with the staff and Ney and her new husband looked extremely happy. It was a great day all round which we were lucky to be part of and we all wish the best for Ney and her husband in the future.

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