Football Team Training

22 Nov

We have recently put together a Goodwill Center football team, thanks to the efforts of one of our ex-students Sok Morng (who will be coaching the team). They are fully kitted out and aim to train up and compete in the local school and charity league.

The Goodwill Team!

Sok Morng is an exemplary young man of 19 who has just started at university. When quizzed on his motivations for starting the team his reasons are these:

1. It gives the children of the area a chance to learn about the importance of working together, team spirit, discipline and working hard to achieve a goal.

2. The children attending the center have very little opportunities to be involved in something like this, so it gives them something different to focus on and feel proud of.

3. While using their spare time to train and have fun the children are kept occupied. This avoids the likelihood of them becoming involved in dangerous or unlawful activities and reduces the chance that they would start to take drugs.

Listening to instructions.

While the playground of the Goodwill Center is fairly small, it is ample enough to have very basic practices. The real work takes place on the weekend when the children head to the grounds of the local primary school, where Sok Morng has them running drills and practicing all of their skills. They are all really enjoying it.

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