Beach Trip!

28 Nov

With rainy season finally behind us we decided it was time for a beach trip. We took nearly 40 of our children and headed down to Henriks bar on Independence Beach. Despite living in a coastal town our kids rarely, if ever, go down to the beach. This is because family members are too busy to take them there and they have very little time outside of school and helping with family chores to get there. It is just a luxury that most of them cannot afford.

Ready for the beach!

While we wanted it to be a treat, it was also to be slightly educational. Rubbish disposal in Cambodia mainly consists of families burning their waste in small fires (there are larger rubbish collections but these are too expensive for most families) and littering is beyond common place. So with this in mind we set about a thirty minute beach cleaning blast. We had explained to the children the difference between natural and man-made materials, though this was at some points lost as a fair few leaves made it into to the sacks. All in all however they did a great job and the beach was cleared in no time.

Sharing the load.

A pretty good collection!

Now it was time for the real fun. Henrik had provided a load of inflatable rings and life vests and with these and a load of inflatable balls, we hit the water. The kids loved it, playing endless racing and ball games and just messing about. Even the youngest ones got involved paddling along the shore line and playing in the sand.

Into the water.

Loving it.

When it was time for a break from the water the kids played football and Frisbee but it didn’t take long until they were back throwing each other off the rubber rings in the sea. They had a brilliant time.To top it off they were then given delicious fried rice and juice from the bar which had them all queuing up for seconds and left them all with nice full bellies.

It was a fantastic day out and we owe a huge thank you to Henrik, Mom and the Small Beach Bar staff for all their hard work in making it possible.

A second thank you has to go out to Matthias for taking most of there wonderful photos!

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  1. 3janjon

    December 19, 2012 at 1:50 pm

    Hi Jen

    This is exactly the kind of thing I need regarding any News which I can put on the website as and when so that it looks Live and regularly updated. So any new event/project/update on projects etc.. would be ideal if sent to me in this format. Of course, please continue to add them to the blog as well.

    Kind regards



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