Messy Messy Art and Craft

07 Dec

Our art and craft days are still proving very popular. Art is not taught in public schools here, so children get very little opportunity to express creativity in this way (with supplies being too expensive to use at home). There is also very little access to public art. While temples are adorned with paintings of religious scenes and paintings of Angkor Wat are fairly wide spread, these (generally) are all done in one style. It is great getting the kids to try new things and they love using their imaginations and coming up with quirky additions to their creations.



Making paper fairys

We have tried painting, paper mache, figure making, collarge, paper folding, Plasticine and many more. The children enjoy every one. It is lovely to see their faces change from being screwed up in concentration as they try to get the cut/fold/move right, to full of pride and happiness at doing so.

The final result.

Paper spiders.

Hand-print turkeys.

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