Soap Making

08 Jan

The Goodwill center has recently undertaken a new venture. Working with Rainbow Cambodia we have set up a small soap making project. The project aims to help some of the poorest local women by providing them with an extra income to help support their families, and by teaching them a new and marketable skill.

Our final product!

Our final product!

We have been conducting a trial period for the last 2 months, training the women up and finding the best recipes (our aim is to use all local products). With this period completed we are now approaching local businesses who will sell the soaps for us. All money raised will be put back into the project to ensure its longevity.

Training up the staff

Training up the staff

So far it is going really well. The women are very smart and have picked up the process quickly. They are really enjoying themselves.  The women we have asked to work all live in very poor conditions in the immediate area. Most of them are relatives of the children that come to the center so it is great to know we are benefiting our kids as well.

The ladies at work.

The ladies at work.

We are very hopeful that the project will be a success and that it will continue to grow, providing a steady income to those who need it most.

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