Supporting the Wider Community: Food and Health Care

26 Jan

The Goodwill center doesn’t just work with children. Along with our night-time computer and English classes the center also provides support for the wider community. This support comes in 2 main forms.

The first is by providing health care for those who can’t afford it. We cover clinic visit bills and medications for the poorest families and support costs of traveling to Phnom Penh to visit the free hospital there for more serious ailments. While some of these costs seem small (medications here can cost as little as a few dollars) for families trying to support themselves on very little money this help really makes a difference.

We also have access to the All Ears clinic, which visits M’lop Tapang and which we attend every three months with any children and adults in the area who are having ear problems. On our most recent visit we took 14 people along for follow-up appointments, where we were taught how to keep infections away and the best way to treat simple problems. Hearing aids are provided to those who really need it along with medication for serious infections.

One of our food drops.

One of our food drops.

The second is by providing food support around the village. This is a fairy new initiative funded by Helping Cambodia (started by Toni our last operations Manager and her partner). Food drops take place once a month and provide the poorest families in the area (3 families per month) with rice, oil, soy sauce, and fish. Malnutrition is a huge problem in Cambodia, especially in children under the age of 5, so being able to provide a food package to those families who need it most is invaluable.

Lots of mouths to feed.

Lots of mouths to feed.

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