04 Mar

The children have played host to a number of visitors over the last month. The most notable being Vall, one of our founders and continued fundraiser. It was her first trip back for a couple of years so the kids were really excited to see her. It was lovely for her to be back at the center again and get to see the fruits of all her hard work in the UK. As always when visitors arrive it was games all the way (the kids being too excited to concentrate on their lessons).

Henrik (our other founder) also had a group of guests from Sweden staying, who came up to the center bearing hundreds of gifts! The kids were very excited so we have had to gently stagger the introduction of the new toys to make sure none got broken or went missing. They have gone down really well, the kids love them and it is great to see them playing with something new. A huge thank you to everyone who donated.

A new puzzle.

A new puzzle.


Our guests gathered to watch a dance.

100_6035 100_6036

Most recently we have had Ayumi and Roland here volunteering. The have been taking a few of our children aside at a time to take part in some more challenging art and craft activities. They have done some Origami and model building. It is nice to have them here to help, often with only 4 staff members in the day we do not have time for such small group activities. The kids have really enjoyed it.




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