Gardening Again

21 May
Growing our own seeds

Growing our own seeds

Our pumpkins have taken off! Whether we will get any vegetables growing, or whether it will just remain purely for decoration and shade is yet to be seen. The concrete environment of the playground is already far more refreshing with all the greenery, so it is enough of a result by itself.

After this collective effort we decided it was time to give the children a go by themselves. We had a lesson explaining the importance of plants and how they grow (never touched on in schools). Each child was then given a pot and earth to plant their own seeds. They got to pick between tomatoes, lettuce and radishes. Each child was told they would be responsible for their own individual plant to see if they could make it grow.

Digging the soil.

Digging the soil.

Preparing their seads.

Preparing their seeds.

Keeping an eye on them.

Keeping an eye on them.

They were all really enthusiastic, from the youngest members right up to our oldest, everyone wanted a turn. We watched the children remember to water their plants carefully each day, and so far they are coming on really well. hopefully enough of them will last into proper plants, so the children can really see the process. Fingers crossed!

Starting to grow!

Starting to grow!

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