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Rainy Season

Ready for a game.

Ready for a game.

Rainy season has hit Cambodia! Which, apart from the obvious arrival of torrential rains on what feels like a daily basis, also sees state schools close for a 2 month holiday. This in turn means our center is playing host to very large numbers of children each session.

Frog races.

Frog races.

Making the most of the sunshine.

IMG_0003 (2) IMG_0012 (2)

While lessons continue, students waiting for their classes are contenting themselves playing football in the rain, or other games outside during the spells of sunshine. Inside, Lego, coloring and den building are keeping them out of mischief, along with a fair bit of Power Ranger watching for the youngest among us.


Lego and Draughts

Some colouring in.

Bubble painting!

IMG_0006 IMG_0026

The staff take it all in their stride and accommodate more children into their lessons where needed to make sure no-one is left out. It is certainly going to be a busy few months!

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In the hot seat.

In the hot seat.

Today we took the first batch of our children to see the M’lop Tapang dentist. They have generously agreed to take on our children for free. Their in house dentists are capable of the basics (cleaning and fillings etc), so they check all the children first. Anything more major has to wait for volunteer dentist from overseas (who work in shifts and come nearly every month) to arrive. So any children with major problems are called back then.

IMG_0087 IMG_0092 IMG_0095 IMG_0099

Tooth care is a huge problem here, with most the children at the center having fairly bad teeth. These, as well as causing discomfort, can easily lead to infection. While we supply toothbrushes and teach the children to brush their teeth every week, this access to proper tooth hygiene will make a huge difference. Thank you M’lop Tapang!

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A Small Note on Sharing

This is a very quick post which I am putting up mainly because it made me smile. Today at the center a small (4 years old) boy came over to me and asked me to open his sweet for him. It was a small, singly rapped, hard boiled thing. Another young boy sees this and proceeds to ask me for a sweet. I tell him that I am sorry but that I don’t have any. He looks a little sad. The first boy on seeing this looks into his pocket, there is one more sweet. Without being asked he gives it to the second boy. A third child is watching and looks hopefully toward the first boy. The last thing he is holding is a a tiny half eaten straw which had been filled with sugar, once again he hands it over without a second though. He is happy to share everything he has. This boy is very poor, living in a tiny one room shack with the rest of his family, they really have very little.

I was taken back by his selfless kindness. I remember being a kid and on Fridays you’d be given some money to buy a bag of sweets with your friends. We would all try to eat them as slowly as possible just so we could be the last one with any left (something I was never very good at and always left to feel jealous). This boy, at 4 years old, had no desire to have something that others didn’t. He is a shining example of generosity, showing that it is not about how much you have but what you do with it that counts.

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