A Small Note on Sharing

05 Aug

This is a very quick post which I am putting up mainly because it made me smile. Today at the center a small (4 years old) boy came over to me and asked me to open his sweet for him. It was a small, singly rapped, hard boiled thing. Another young boy sees this and proceeds to ask me for a sweet. I tell him that I am sorry but that I don’t have any. He looks a little sad. The first boy on seeing this looks into his pocket, there is one more sweet. Without being asked he gives it to the second boy. A third child is watching and looks hopefully toward the first boy. The last thing he is holding is a a tiny half eaten straw which had been filled with sugar, once again he hands it over without a second though. He is happy to share everything he has. This boy is very poor, living in a tiny one room shack with the rest of his family, they really have very little.

I was taken back by his selfless kindness. I remember being a kid and on Fridays you’d be given some money to buy a bag of sweets with your friends. We would all try to eat them as slowly as possible just so we could be the last one with any left (something I was never very good at and always left to feel jealous). This boy, at 4 years old, had no desire to have something that others didn’t. He is a shining example of generosity, showing that it is not about how much you have but what you do with it that counts.

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One response to “A Small Note on Sharing

  1. bmonteiro05

    August 5, 2013 at 5:49 pm

    Very nice post. This little man would teach the vast majority of us, adults, a good lesson.


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