Beach Trip in the Sunshine

14 Dec
Life is good.

Life is good.

So high season is here again, the seas are clam and the sun is in the sky. We decided to welcome it in with a trip to the beach. We took 45 of our children down in the morning with all the staff and a few friends to help keep an eye on everyone. As normal with our beach trips we began with a beach clean up. Breaking up into 3 teams to tackle different areas. The children were happy to help and we managed to collect many bin bags full.

Setting off with the rubbish bags.

Not a bad collection.

Once the hard work was done it was time to play. Straight into the water playing on inflatable rings and life vests. The children love it! It is such a pleasure to see them outside of their normal environment with such huge smiles on their faces. It is such a shame that when living so close to the water the children get so few chances to come. Unless it is a very special occasion it tends to be that the families of our children simply can not afford the time away from their work and life to visit the beach.

Lots of fun swimming.

Henrik and Mom (our founder and the owners of the beach bar we based ourselves in) provided some delicious food for all the children after their swim to help replace some of the energy they had spent splashing around in the water.

Time for some food.

It was a fantastic morning and one we will have to repeat before the season is over.

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