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Khmer New Year in the Rain


Getting ready to party!

This years Khmer New Year celebrations took place last week. As is tradition the staff had organised lots of Khmer games to play, with races, dances, eating competitions and lots of pot breaking.

DSC00794 DSC00795 DSC00809 DSC00813 DSC00820 DSC00826 DSC00828 DSC00834

Sadly this year the rain won out and the persistent downpours kept lots of the family members who normally come to celebrate with us sheltering at home. The children didn’t let it get to them though so we squashed under our main roof and watched the games from there. A few braved the wet to begin with, and by the end none of them really seemed to notice, as long as lots of jelly was being given out as prizes! We had the traditional table of fruit which was divided up for all the children to share so they got to eat lots!

DSC00837 DSC00847 DSC00854 DSC00855 DSC00857 DSC00858


Once the youngsters had cleared away the staff and adult students stayed behind for a party of our own with lots of dancing, before the staff headed off for a well deserved weeks break!

DSC00864 DSC00865 DSC00866


It was a lovely day despite the rain and the children went home filled to the brim with fruit and happy from a day well spent.

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