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Our New Center!


The new build is complete! After 8 weeks of extremely hard work by the orkidstudio team and our local workers the center is open. It is unrecognisable from the old concrete box we had before. The site has been completely opened up and turned into a beautiful flowing space, which inspires creativity and learning.

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The children and staff love it and we are all excited to steadily move into the place and make it home. There is still planting and painting to do which we will get all the children involved in, ensuring they really feel it is their place.

We hope that the new space will encourage more of the adults in the community to use the center for themselves too, whether it is for a space to escape to or to come and use the library and computers. As the building process has been so open to input and help from the local community there is a real sense of ownership over the space so we hope it should have a hugely positive impact on the community here.

A huge, huge thank you to Orkidstudio for this amazing gift!


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