Lots of Helpers

26 Jan

We have been really lucky recently to be joined at the center by some friends who have come to run activities with the children and generally help us out.

Patrick returned to teach some boxing classes. The children love it and learned very quickly. He also brought us new toothbrush and toothpaste supplies to ensure our kids have the cleanest teeth around.

IMG_4161 IMG_4165 IMG_4173 IMG_4183


Charlie, Tara and Jake have been here, helping us to get some of the final touches done to the center. They are also building us a Wendy house and painting a mural to brighten up the playground.

IMG_4162 IMG_4169

Istvan, a teacher in town, has been doing some geography lessons and passing on some of his favorite games and activities to our teachers.

We have even more visitors arriving through February and March so it should be fun few months!

IMG_4076 IMG_4078 IMG_4081

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