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Weekly Group Projects

Once a week we get our children to do group projects. These cover a range of subjects including science, geography, history and human interest. For example some of our recent topics included coming up with new inventions and making adverts for them, exploring and  mapping our local area, carrying out surveys of the other students (favourite food/subject/colour etc) and making bar charts, making up plays about good and bad ways to behave in certain situations and inventing new superheros.

We introduce the topic in one large group and explain the aims/discuss ideas. Children are then divided up into groups and have an allotted time to complete the task (with help/guidance from the teachers), before returning to the larger group and presenting what they have done to the rest of the children and staff. This is sometime just done over one session, or for bigger topics, can span a few weeks. This means they are not only learning about the specific subjects we cover, but also how to be confident in presenting their ideas to others. It has been lovely so far and the children are really taking to it. Any suggestions for projects are welcome!



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