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School Olympics


Every Friday after English classes we have School Olympics. Every student is assigned a team (led by one of the teachers), we make sure the teams are an equal mix of ages. They stay in these teems for the next month of Fridays and compete in various sporting challenges, from relay races of all kinds, team tournaments of football or dodge-ball, to funny party games. Each week scores are recorded and the team with the highest number of points at the end of the month are the winners. They then get to go on a trip out as a reward. We have been to places like Molly golf Mini-golf (who very kindly let us play for free), to swim at the waterfalls, and to the cinema, so lots of fun!

It is a lovely thing to do on a Friday (although sometimes tiring!!) and a great way to make sure all the students mix and get to know each other, rather than staying in their set classes. It is also encouraging some of our less diligent students to make sure they attend. So far so good!

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