Eco-Soap Bank

03 Nov


The center has now joined forces with the Eco-Soap Bank. The idea behind the project is a simple one, in a country where poor sanitation is a leading factor in child illness and death, access to soap and knowledge about hygiene is crucial.

Eco-Soap Bank saw a way to increase this access by collecting all the old unwanted soaps from the many hotels in Cambodia (which otherwise would often end up in landfill), sanitising and reprocessing them, and then distributing them for free into the poorer areas of the community along with healthcare lessons.

The project has been a success in Siem Reap and Phnom Penh so we are hoping to follow suit. We have a team of women (all of who are relatives of our students) from underprivileged backgrounds now working on the project, earning themselves a much needed income.

It is a slow process of getting more and more hotels on board. Presently the women only work a few hours a week, producing enough soap for our area. Once the quantities collected go up and we can produce more, we will utilise our local NGO partners to distribute the soaps more widely across the province into the areas which really need it.

It is a fantastic project and we are very thankful to be a part of it!





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