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Christmas Party and Lots of Presents

Our Christmas party was once again a lot of fun. We had been preparing all month for it, rehearsing songs, dances and plays, as well as making decorations. While obviously most Cambodian families don’t celebrate Christmas it is a great excuse to bring everyone together for a day of fun. Lots of parents and relatives turned up for it which always makes it extra special, for us and the children.

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This year we were very generously donated hundreds of T-shirts and school sets from One Coin, so everyone got something to take home along with their normal bag of apples and soft drinks.

Another highlight was the costume show. M’lop Tapang let us borrow some of their traditional performance costumes along with descriptions to when they are warn. Everyone seemed to love learning a little bit about their cultural background and significance.

A big thank you to everyone that lent a hand!

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