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Please Help Save Our Centre!

This year has been an impossibly hard one for everyone and is sadly proving to be one last hurdle we can’t seem to pass.

We really need your help!

As many of you are aware over the last 2 years Sihanoukville has undergone a very turbulent development, one result of which, has been the crumbling of infrastructure and increasing inequality in the area. This has put an extra demand on the services we provide (especially in the form of healthcare and nutritional support), driving up our costs.

At the same time, many local businesses that supported us with funds/supplies closed and visitors (who would often sponsor us), stopped coming. On top of this, rent at our centre increased and staff salaries had to be raised to match the local hyperinflation.

As it seemed Sihanoukville had started to settle, the Covid pandemic rocked the world, devastating many, and unfortunately drying up our funding sources further.

These things in combination have left the centre with a big funding deficit which we must fill in order to continue our work.

Our centre is a truly beautiful place and a real focal point for the community. The impact it has on the lives of families in the area is incalculable. In providing those basic services so many of us take for granted, we have changed lives, aiding families through times of crisis and creating an invaluable safe space for children suffering hardship. In the 16 years we have run, we have seen children from illiterate backgrounds finish education, attend university and find gainful employment.

We do not want this to stop!

What we need now is stable, monthly contributions, to fill the gap that has been left, and secure our crucial day to day services. With this in mind we are reaching out and asking people to become monthly donors.

Monthly donors are our angels. You bring stability and peace of mind when it comes time to pay our bills, and give us the freedom to continue our life changing work.

We are hoping to find 100 generous donors to provide £15 per month (or anything you can afford!), which will provide us with the security we need to operate and plan ahead, safe in the knowledge that our core services can continue.

Thank you so much for looking through this and for any help you can give!

You can either click on the button above to be taken to our secure PayPal page, or email me ( for our bank details if you’d prefer to donate via Direct Debit.

Help the Cambodian Children is a registered charity in England and Wales #1101594

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Food Supplies for the Community

While Covid has forced temporary closures, we have been doing our best to keep those in need in our community supplied with rice and fish and other cooking necessities. The inability to feed your family properly is sadly a reality faced by many here. This extra help alleviates a little of the stress felt by families, who are once again facing near total loss of income.

The government are stepping up quarantine measure and beginning their vaccine roll out. We hope for a swift return of our other normal activities soon.

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