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A long delayed trip to the beach!

The weather has been somewhat unpredictable of late, with heavy, early rains and storms being seen in Cambodia. This has meant a few delays to a planned beach trip with some of our students. They have been very patient and understanding waiting for an appropriate day.

We took our chance yesterday, and while fairly windy, the rains stayed away and it was nice and warm. The kids had an excellent day playing in the sea and sand and collecting shells along the shore. Many families do not have the luxury of going to the beach often, so the children really make the most of it.

They filled up on sandwiches and mangos and headed home covered in sand and full of smiles!

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First Things First!

When Covid began, we put in place arrival procedures, so we could take the temperatures and sanitize the hands of students, before beginning classes. To keep the children entertained we would often play games or sing songs to occupy them while they waited.

It turned out to be a lovely way to start the session, with students and staff all together, setting a relaxed and friendly tone for the rest of the day. We have now extended this practice, to include stretches and light exercise, led by the ever enthusiastic Kolab and Leakna, to get everyone in the mood for a productive day.