About us

The Goodwill Center was constructed in 2004 by “Help the Cambodian Children“, a charity registered in England and Wales (No. 1101594) that still finances the center

The majority of the children that attend our centre come from families that suffer from extreme hardship and live in very poor conditions. They have no access to clean drinking water and their toilet is the open ground. The children do not have toys or games, other than kicking about an old flip-flop or tin can and therefore do not have any real concept of how to play or create things individually or as part of a team with other children. By providing the children with the opportunity to take part in the various activities our centre has to offer, it enables them to develop very important and necessary skills for their future. Our Centre is the only one of its kind in the area, where children can come to learn, take part in recreational activities and play in a safe environment. The Government and local authorities do not provide any such facilities.

The Goodwill Centre for the children is open six days a week and our educational and recreational activities, run by four dedicated Cambodian staff, include the following:
– Art and craft classes,
– IT Lessons
– Dancing
– Brain Gym and keep fit
– Various games; some of which are team building activities
– Basic Khmer language and English language lessons and Government School Homework classes (many of the children’s parents cannot read and write, so the children do not receive help or encouragement from them with their school homework).
– Health and Hygiene Education

Our aim is to encourage the local children to participate in the Goodwill Centre’s activities who would otherwise roam the streets and have the opportunity to acquire life changing skills. The Centre also acts as a medical helpline where ill or injured children are referred to specialized clinics or hospitals for medical treatment, which is funded by our organisation.

We maintain a comprehensive support programme which includes funding the following:
– Providing the centre with recreational equipment
– Supplying educational materials for Teachers and Students
– Funding charges for the supply of clean water and electricity
– Building and playground maintenance
– Funding Teacher Training courses
– Payment of wages to Teachers and School Cleaner.
– Lease payment for the centre


One response to “About us

  1. Karin

    February 21, 2012 at 9:18 am

    HI Sabine.
    Wonderful to see. Longing for my children and Cambodia.
    Loved the pictures. A very good webpage, congratulations.
    And Thank You very, very much for keeping me up-dated.
    It’s warming my heart, of which I left a part i Sihanoukville.
    Love Karin Take care
    My kind regards to all my friends.


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