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Pen Palls

The Goodwill children are now in contact with Nymboida Public School, New South Wales, Austrailia!

Reading the postcards.

Reading the postcards.

Toni, the centers previous manager has set up the link (Nymboida being her home town) and had each school special postcards printed out for the children to write on. We have already received our first package of pictures and postcards from Nymboida and the children hear thought it was brilliant. They were very impressed with the drawings and interested to here from the children who had drawn them.

IMG_0038 IMG_0047 IMG_0049 IMG_0051 IMG_0053 IMG_0056

We then began the task of answering back. The pictures were straight forward enough and we included some samples of the Khmer alphabet and numbers for the children to see the difference. The letters were a little bit more of a battle due to translations. Our adult classes worked together to translate the postcards to Khmer, these were passed on to our daytime teachers who got their classes to write responses (again in Khmer). This sometimes had to be done in pairs as some of our students written Khmer is not strong. These were then handed back to the adult classes for further translations before being put onto the postcards. It was great to have a project that could involve all of our students and challenge them all in different ways.

We look forward to hearing from our new friends again.

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Music Classes

The making of a musician.

The making of a musician.

This week we started music classes with M’lop Tapang  who have been kind enough to take on a group of our students. While lessons are free, up until now we have had no form of transportation to take our children there, but with a very generous donation from James and Chloe (supporters of the center) this cost has now been covered. It is a brilliant opportunity for the students who have never had a chance to learn music before or in most their cases even touch an instrument.

Drums were very popular.

Lots of concentration.

2013-11-04 09.10.31

The aim is to make a band with each child eventually focusing on one instrument (and one singer). When they are ready they will get to perform at the M’lop Tapang concerts in front of lots of people and get feel like real rock stars.

M’lop Tapang teachers watching on.

The teachers at MT are lovely, very patient and extremely talented. The children looked really inspired listening to some of the staff play. For the time we were there I have honestly never seen the children look so involved in a lesson, they were transfixed. It was fantastic to see.

Learning some scales.

Obviously it is going to be hard work for the children, but they are all determined to put their time into it. Music is such a brilliant outlet to express yourself through and one so new to the children that we are all really excited to see what they come up with.

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A Small Note on Sharing

This is a very quick post which I am putting up mainly because it made me smile. Today at the center a small (4 years old) boy came over to me and asked me to open his sweet for him. It was a small, singly rapped, hard boiled thing. Another young boy sees this and proceeds to ask me for a sweet. I tell him that I am sorry but that I don’t have any. He looks a little sad. The first boy on seeing this looks into his pocket, there is one more sweet. Without being asked he gives it to the second boy. A third child is watching and looks hopefully toward the first boy. The last thing he is holding is a a tiny half eaten straw which had been filled with sugar, once again he hands it over without a second though. He is happy to share everything he has. This boy is very poor, living in a tiny one room shack with the rest of his family, they really have very little.

I was taken back by his selfless kindness. I remember being a kid and on Fridays you’d be given some money to buy a bag of sweets with your friends. We would all try to eat them as slowly as possible just so we could be the last one with any left (something I was never very good at and always left to feel jealous). This boy, at 4 years old, had no desire to have something that others didn’t. He is a shining example of generosity, showing that it is not about how much you have but what you do with it that counts.

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