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Busy Learning

Rainy season has set in, but has done little to dampen the spirits of our students. As sessions continue to get busier we have split students into four (from three) learning groups for English. This is so we can better cater to their learning levels. We have also been putting more emphasis on speaking practice and confidence in our older groups, along with increasing phonic practice.

The students have a real passion for learning and put as much effort into their Language, Maths and other “studious” subjects, as they do for Art and Craft or PE. Our teachers are doing a fantastic job at keeping them engaged and we have high hopes that these lessons will help the students to progress through the state school system.

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A Day in the Life…

We would love for you to take a look at this video, to get a peep inside the life of one of our students!

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A long delayed trip to the beach!

The weather has been somewhat unpredictable of late, with heavy, early rains and storms being seen in Cambodia. This has meant a few delays to a planned beach trip with some of our students. They have been very patient and understanding waiting for an appropriate day.

We took our chance yesterday, and while fairly windy, the rains stayed away and it was nice and warm. The kids had an excellent day playing in the sea and sand and collecting shells along the shore. Many families do not have the luxury of going to the beach often, so the children really make the most of it.

They filled up on sandwiches and mangos and headed home covered in sand and full of smiles!

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First Things First!

When Covid began, we put in place arrival procedures, so we could take the temperatures and sanitize the hands of students, before beginning classes. To keep the children entertained we would often play games or sing songs to occupy them while they waited.

It turned out to be a lovely way to start the session, with students and staff all together, setting a relaxed and friendly tone for the rest of the day. We have now extended this practice, to include stretches and light exercise, led by the ever enthusiastic Kolab and Leakna, to get everyone in the mood for a productive day.


Happy Khmer New Year!

We have finished this term with a small Khmer New Year party. 

As covid is still rife we were not able to invite the wider community to join the festivities, but it was still great fun to celebrate with the younger students. We played all the regular traditional games, with sack races, tug of wars, talc filled balloons and breaking of pots, along with eating lots of fruit and jelly. 

Everyone will spend next week celebrating with families and attending Pagodas. At this time they, with the monks, will make blessings to their ancestors, and ask for their ancestors to bless them with safety, success and luck for the coming year, in return. 

We wish this for you all too!

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Getting Creative in Preschool

Our preschool/early years classes are the most busy at the moment. The current economic situation is meaning parents and families are having to work for longer hours away from home, meaning we often have very young children joining in classes.

We spend a lot of time playing and creating. Teacher Leakna is especially good at working in groups, to help the children learn patience and sharing, while having fun at the same time. It also provides the children with a safe alternative to selling on the streets with parents/family members, or staying home alone.

Early years education is so important for children’s development so we are delighted to have so many young members of our center!

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A Lesson From an Old Friend

We were delighted to have a surprise visit from one of our old students this week. Back in the area to see family, he visited the center and talked with the staff and kids. We all remember him very fondly, as a fun, cheeky little boy, with firm friends. He initially struggled with speech development, but lots of practice with Kolab (his teacher) soon had him chatting away.

When he was 8 years old he moved back to his home province. We received updates about him from his relatives living near the centre. A few years ago they told us that he and his family had made the decision that he would become a monk, dedicating his life to Buddhism. He has been practicing for 3 years now, and says he enjoys the lifestyle. He is a lot changed as he has grown up and seems very content in himself.

He spent time to talk with our students (a few who he knew from his time with us) about what his day to day routine is like. What monks do, and the importance of being a good, respectful and kind person. The students were really responsive and enjoyed the discussion. It was amazing to see him again and know that he is doing so well. We wish him good luck for the future!

When he was a boy at the center!
Playing with friends
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