Hygiene Lessons for Eco Soap

Our progress with the Eco-Soap Bank continues and we are now able to supply bars of soaps to many organisations throughout Sihanoukville. These bars are then given out (and kept in for use in centers etc) to the local communities. The most important step at this point is to make sure that the importance of hand washing is understood in regards to preventing illness. Therefor while handing out the bars, hygiene lessons are given on the proper ways to wash hands and the effect this has.

We ran a session at the center recently where we ran different activities with our students. Firstly brainstorming together everything they knew about bacteria and germs and filling in any gaps. We then did an experiment using glitter to represent the germs and getting children to shake hands and touch objects around the rooms to see how far the glitter (or germs) could spread from their original source. After this we did some hand washing training and made posters about how and why it is important to use soap.

The students seemed to understand its importance and all got soap to take home. It is the hope of the project that as it grows across Cambodia it could have a real impact into combating the number of illnesses and deaths in the country from caused by preventable diseases.

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A View of our Center

Last week we were joined at our center by Orin, a short film maker. He asked if he could make a little video about our school and Cambodia. He got some lovely shots of the kids so its well worth a look!

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Drug Awareness Day


Yesterday we were joined at the center by M’lop Tapang’s outreach team to do a drug awareness session with the children. Sadly here substance abuse can be a real problem, especially in children from poorer families. This often starts from the misuse of glue (which when inhaled can lead to feelings of numbness from loneliness, hunger and cold) and can progress into full blown addictions.

We went through reasons people might start trying drugs and what problems this may then lead to in life. We also went through other options for people finding themselves in situations where they might feel the need to try drugs, as well as what to do if they suspected a friend or family member may be using.

It was very valuable for the children to listen to and they seamed to take a lot from it. Thank you M’lop Tapang!


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Early Years Staff Training


We have been lucky enough to have a preschool teacher volunteering with us recently. We decided it would be nice to get the staff together and go over some teaching techniques along with the different areas and ways of learning. We spent a while then coming up with new activities for the coming weeks which incorporated these. The staff really seemed to pick it up and understood that learning takes place through many forms. We also did a first aid refresher for good measure.

img_0297 img_0338 img_0339 img_0341 img_0342 img_0357

We have not had time to do all of the activities planned yet, but the ones we have done have been very popular with the children, with different art lessons, exercise, story telling and exploring the local environment. Lots of fun!

16358031_788470274323_1933844302_o 16358072_788470254363_225417390_o

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Christmas Party and Lots of Presents

Our Christmas party was once again a lot of fun. We had been preparing all month for it, rehearsing songs, dances and plays, as well as making decorations. While obviously most Cambodian families don’t celebrate Christmas it is a great excuse to bring everyone together for a day of fun. Lots of parents and relatives turned up for it which always makes it extra special, for us and the children.

img_0065 img_0071 img_0075 img_0200 img_0216 img_0221 img_0234 img_0252 img_0268running-game-1 singingingreen3

This year we were very generously donated hundreds of T-shirts and school sets from One Coin, so everyone got something to take home along with their normal bag of apples and soft drinks.

Another highlight was the costume show. M’lop Tapang let us borrow some of their traditional performance costumes along with descriptions to when they are warn. Everyone seemed to love learning a little bit about their cultural background and significance.

A big thank you to everyone that lent a hand!

img_0077 img_0126 img_0128 img_0200 img_0263

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Season’s Greetings!

Christmas is nearly upon us and the center is getting ready for it’s annual party. We would like to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you to our friends and supporters for all their help. Without you, none of this would be possible! We hope you have a fantastic Christmas and the New Year brings you happiness beyond measure. THANK YOU!!

img_6905 img_6914 img_6915 img_6933 img_6940 img_6953 img_6966 img_6970 img_6978

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Mong, our lovely football coach, has finished his final university exams and new job training in the last few weeks. This means he has time to come back to the center and start a new football team (our older players continue to play). With the help of Sokheang, our equally lovely assistant manager, they invited the children into the center on Sunday to register names and try out a few drills to see what they could do. A few of the older team showed up to give pointers too. We also had a fair few girls which is fantastic!

It is always great to get the children involved in activities on Sundays as there is little else for them to do, so with extra football and our school Olympic trips, things are looking up!

15310895_313660922360817_792127934_o 15311530_313660989027477_1628172350_o 15311561_313660952360814_551041897_o 15354051_313660975694145_1057994188_o

None of these activities would be possible without the continued donations of our supporters, so thank you all so much!!

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