While the Goodwill Center is a project of the HTCC Charity and they provide the lions share of the funding, it’s always good to recognise those businessés and organisations that help out regularly.

Sihanoukville Sponsors

The Small Hotel has been a benefactor for many years, with Henrik being a co-founder of the Center. Other business have been giving for a long time, Monkey RepublicScuba Nation and Mr Lim from Angkor Beer who donate regularly.   Newly on board by allowing us use of their premises for donations boxes are Charlie Harpers Bar and Maybe Later Bar .

International Sponsors

Outside of Cambodia, we have to thank the Regency Dental Practice, Swanage, Dorset UK, they have participated in our sponsored walk and raised quite a lot of sponsorship money for the past eight years.  More recently from Australia Help Cambodia has been helping with donations and led by Maciek the De Care Group (Poland) now make very generous donations every month.

Personal Sponsors

There are many people who have donated quite large amounts through to smaller amounts. We would like to thank everyone who has supported us.

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